What to do about mild depression?

The commercials all show people happy and carefree after one or two magic anti-depressants. In reality the story is much more complicated. For one thing a mild but persistent depression is hard to spot and even more difficult to treat. If someone is clinically depressed you can tell because they can completely shut down. It’s hard to get them out of the bedroom, not to mention out of the house. It imprisons you whereas a mild depression can feel like wearing an ankle bracelet. You can go to work but you won’t enjoy being there and then you come home you may retreat into alcohol.

Functionally depressed sounds similar to the term functional alcoholic because you can find yourself spiral downward on the weekends or other times when you don’t have any other responsibilities. Not drinking is difficult because there is so much drinking portrayed in the media. There is the cliche of the police heading to a bar after their shift, for example. There was the loveable Charlie Harper a character on Two and a half men portrayed by Charlie Sheen. He was healthy as anyone on the planet despite his many drunken episodes. Sheen’s off-screen episodes led to the death of his character.

There is wine shared at the family dinner table on Blue Bloods where the leading characters are white Irish Catholics. In that spirit,  I gave a co-worker a big bottle of wine for the holidays.She gave me a gig kiss.

So, watching these scenes made it difficult for me to stop or even cut back on drinking. That’s why I put reducing my alcohol intake at the top of my plan for overcoming the blue funk. Next up will be joining some activities like the Victory Garden Initiative which seems to have swept over Milwaukee. It would be interesting to explore the possibility of creating a garden in my neighborhood. And thirdly I keep hearing about how flexible the feds are on student loans so that will be my next step, I am going to pursue getting my student loan payments reduced to a certain percentage of my disposable income.

I don’t see going to get another anti-depressant as a feasible option. Not everything can be fixed by taking a pill. I also need to stop dwelling on past mistakes that I’ve made because there’s no way I can fix them.



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