Functional depression

At different times in my life I have felt that I was fighting a low grade depression. I carried out many of my regular routines of school, work or other things but in general I felt that the joy had gone out of my life. I mentioned to a co-worker that I was feeling that way.I develop headaches and other body issues. I drink more alcohol than is healthy. I struggle to make phone calls or do much of anything outside of my work. Completing the work day or beginning it can be very challenging.

I know the usual thoughts that will come to mind. I have been taking my medications as prescribed. I am satisfied with my jobs and feel that they bring me hope. Unfortunately, they don’t bring me happiness. So that is what I am working on. This is particularly ironic since a large part of my work involves inspiring others. And I have told people about the wonders that Vitamin D have brought me.

There is the song “What’s it all about Alfie?” which has a line “without true love, we’d just exist.” And that’s about where I am. Well, not really. Is everything we are a symptom in the DSM 5 or do “normal people act like this? whoops, I’m manic today, sorry for calling. Hmm, I watched a little too much football. Perhaps, that’s why I’m depressed. Or maybe how I feel has nothing to do with my diagnosis. Do you know anyone who does not feel depressed? Even for several days at a time and yet goes to work?

When I began this blog entry I meant to educate my readers about this idea. But in reality there is a lot more going on. I have been wishing I had a girl friend. It’s perfectly normal. I went to work, enjoyed myself and did what was expected of me.

So, how many others are thinking the way they act fits some kind of category? Not everyone feels the same way and I am like that, too. We need to give ourselves permission to be different.


2 thoughts on “Functional depression

  1. May you find conditions of happiness that are already present. Can you see the blue sky, hear the sounds of birds, taste delicous food? All conditions of happiness available with each mindful breath. Wishing you success.


  2. “Functional depression | A Little Local Color” ended up being a good blog post.
    If merely there were even more blogs such as this particular one in the online world.

    Anyhow, thank you for your precious time, Taylor


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