Good things on the way in community mental health

I had a rather harrowing shift this afternoon at the mental hospital where I work. A patient full of delusions was targeting me convinced that I was some government agent reporting on him The regular staff watched over me pretty carefully. When you have an angry young man with his fists clenched prowling around it teaches you to be alert. And yet I managed to do my job, offering peer support.

If anyone disagrees with the noun I used for the person described above as a patient, fuck you, this is my blog.

What was most exciting was learning from one of my co-workers about the money Milwaukee County is allocating for community mental health:

  1. Expanding use of Certified peer specialists: $200,000
  2. Step-down housing alternative to help renovate housing at the existing Autumn West location that is being vacated.
  3. Expanding targeted case management to reach more people: $400,000
  4. Individual Placement and Support Employment to increase opportunities for competitive employment: @125,000
  5. Supportive living units permanent supportive housing: $200,000

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