Here I am again

I have stayed away from my blog for a couple of weeks which usually helps to re-energize me. I joined an interesting community project the Milwaukee Time Exchange recently. I was curious about it because a woman I know Debby Davis is involved with it. Also David Johnson who is part of the Milwaukee Mental Health Redesign is fully engaged. Some people spoke about the project at a meeting last week to discuss removing barriers to work for people living with a mental illness. One woman spoke about the experience of her brother for whom places like the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation seemed ineffective.

Her brother was a lifelong worker in spite of his disability and she was able to assist him in exchanging time in one of the organizational members of the exchange. I told some of the people I am assisting about the Time Exchange but I decided I needed to find out for myself whether the project would work for them so I became a member. I wrote a brief biography and included a mention of my blog. I noticed when I signed out to my blog that I  had a few visitors despite my absence. So it’s possible that some time exchangers decided to  read me.

It is funny how perceptions can be very misleading. I had thought that the Time Exchange was some kind of a hippie project but then I heard the presentation at the meeting talking about building community and I realized it was something different. Honestly I have trouble building or remaining in community. I have remained in community with my new co-workers and I even made an unexpected connection. A drug rep came to visit us today so I came to find out about the food. The speaker mentioned how few people continue taking their anti-depressants once they are prescribed for them.

I mentioned that I had a similar resistance to them and that the strongest force in my taking the meds was my family. Once I said that, the drug rep disclosed that that he had similar issues.  And yes his family told him he was better off with the meds. So I sit her surrounded by various medications despite the fact one of my favorite blogs is called Beyond Meds. It’s not always easy to accept what others see about me but we keep struggling together.


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