The first year end at more than full time

Yesterday we took out the people we assist to a big buffet where they were able to eat to their heart’s content. We gave them thanks and presents. In a few moments will be the staff party and gift exchange. Of course I have already received my present. When I got paid yesterday I paid on my credit accounts and the car.  I also bought a couple of secret Santa gifts to provide with a high degree of stealth. Today I get my other paycheck. Which is always nice. To have money left over and work with the part time job. It’s the end of the end and I saw my psychiatrist for my only visit this year. The fact that things resolved themselves in my favor was very apparent. I was I could get more feedback about my recovery but I guess that’s not his role.

I received a couple of gifts. My second paycheck was very gratifying. I need to keep reminding myself about the progress I’ve made on taking care of myself. My role is to remind myself of this fact. And to share the good news.


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