I can understand the tragedy but I don’t understand the bigotry and hatred afterward

Given the history of violence in America and the ready availability of guns shooting have almost become routine. It’s a sad way to portray a nation as rich as ours but there is no other way to look at it. By any comparison, Americans kill one another far greater than most economically developed countries combined.  I read that spurred by the shootings in Connecticut the Discovery Channel has canceled two programs devoted to gun love. Given the popularity of police procedurals it’s impossible to estimate how many shootings television viewers watched tonight for their entertainment. That’s how we roll.

And part of that rolling is the ignorance that flows from the mouths of right wing so called preachers saying things like “God” supposedly inspired the shooter because of all the sin there is in America. They claim that it is sinful to really believe in equal rights, not just those who follow a particular philosophy or are strictly involved in opposite-sex relationships.From these people spews a venom that poisons the atmosphere and sickens clear-thinking individuals everywhere. We who empathize often become the targets of scorn. But we cannot hide our humanity out of fear that someone else will dislike us. In fact, that you inspire to speak out more forcefully than ever because in the end, this is our America, too.



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