Coming to the end of the year

I continue trying to make my blog something unique in that it I veer off on tangents, I don’t write what everyone else is writing. Unfortunately, there are some things that cannot be avoided. I’m satisfied with many of the changes I made throughout the year. I fit well into the fast pace of Mondays at our agency where we scurry about from one person to the next. I am hoping that this will change next year. For instance it would be nice to learn that some people are in job training, school or working. I continue to believe that the most effective remedies and supports for wellness are things you might take for granted.  Things like getting along with others, not taking criticism personally, feeling like you have some control over your life and money and these things are part of my work. I have developed relationships over the past six months that I hope to turn into real satisfaction for people next year.

What I would like in the next year is a series of things over which I have limited control. My first as I mentioned is for a number of peers to be engaging in some of the activities I mentioned. The other is for President Obama to withdraw all US personnel, including contractors, from Iraq and Afghanistan. Those two nations are responsible for deciding their own fates and we should have never invaded either one.



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