Another manic Wednesday

Were you ever seized by the idea that you had better do something now, immediately, as in this second? Do not pass go, do not collect $200? You have to pull over by the side of the road and do whatever is on your mind. If you are at work, you must leave and whatever the consequences, well they will be dealt with tomorrow? Did you ask yourself, where is my mind? And what was the response? If it’s not where you thought it would be, where is it? How did it get there? And by the way, is this mania yet?


Good question. For me what happens is that a thought becomes an imperative. At some point I have to act upon it. And things go from there. Are there good and bad sides, yes, for sure. The good side is productivity. You can make decisions, open up businesses, create empires and become an emperor in mere minutes. But the consequences of manic actions can last a lifetime.


Is there a stop button on mania? Some call it depression. What do you call it?


Manic (film)
Manic (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


4 thoughts on “Another manic Wednesday

  1. I’d say, after so many years of internally fighting for control of my “impulsiveness” with a tiny bit of success, that if you attempt to banish the urge it becomes an obsession and then becomes imperative to follow through in some way! So, to lessen the negative consequences my action would be less, ie, the sudden need to buy something, anything, which becomes an all-encompassing physical need to move and get on with it! So, instead of hopping in a car I walk as fast as my legs can carry me to the nearest department store and make the purchase from the clearance rack instead of spending hundreds of $s I don’t have on stuff I will never use I only spend a few paltry $s on crap I’ll never use:). So far this works for me without driving me insane with obsessive thoughts and I’m happy to say I’ not bankrupt:)


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