Still lurking around

Well I have finished just barely half a year at my agency. In another lifetime I was involved in evaluation: qualitative and quantitative. We are finishing up a report for our funders about the impact of my working and so I created a chart showing who I had been working with though one of our programs and what I had helped people achieve. I also asked the woman who recruited me whether one of the achievements could have happened without me. Obviously it was an unfair question, so I asked anyway.


I think that people often try things but whether they stick with them is an entirely different story. We may suggest that people do something but whether we can take the time to show them may be different.


I am excited about my work and it is interesting to see how things look on paper after the idea of peer support was presented. Our agency has definitely embraced the concept. Occasionally I have struggled to figure out exactly what I was supposed to do. But I am still lurking around.


I got a message from a friend on Facebook about a monthly meeting involving the Mental Health Re-design. There is an Action Team talking about expanding peer support and increasing the pay. I would have an interest in both of those areas. I want to speak up because my opinions are unique, like me.


I will have to check and see whether I have any time to spare. It’s just a couple of hours per month. I discovered that I am a little obsessive. I kept trying to figure out how much time I spend working with people last week until finally I figured out  the problem. We have a fast paced scene. My work involves those aspects of wellness that don’t involve medication or physical exams. The case managers were struggling to complete what they had to do so after a while they welcomed me.


So life goes on and recovery happens, ever so slowly.


A cat lurking in the grass.
A cat lurking in the grass. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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