Like a bridge over troubled water

My Name Is Not Susan
My Name Is Not Susan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been listening to music that connected to me. Songs like Bridge Over Troubled Water, Since I Fell For You, Make it Easy on Yourself, I say a little prayer for you and Walk on by. These were songs that I listened to as I was reaching adulthood and concerning myself with love. In my opinion Bridge over troubled water was one of the greatest songs of its time period. There have been so many versions of the song people undoubtedly became tired of hearing it. But I still remember the emotions created by the soaring vocals of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel. I even played a solo version by Art. There was a gospel filled version by CC Winans and Whitney Houston and a completely indescribable one by Roberta Flack.

The lyrics were simple and yet they conveyed a message of friendship, hope and sentimentality that connected with millions of people. We have all seen troubled water. These days America is filled with troubled water. There are lakes and rivers below their normal levels due to inadequate rain and snowfall. I have seen the Mississippi River overflow dozens of times. And people are thirsting for the water of the Missouri River. It has been a hot and unusually dry year while at the same time low lying areas are at risk because of the rising ocean levels. Areas such as New York City, Florida and Louisiana may sink underwater if the oceans rise a few feet. And various islands may fall below the ocean for a long time.

There are troubled waters in Palestine where the Israeli government announced the approval of more than 3000 more housing units in the Occupied Territories. These areas were the last places that could help connect the various fragments of the Palestinian Bantustan The Israeli right wingers who control the government have done their worst. They have fought Syria, Egypt, Jordan and Palestine and yet the Palestinians continue to rise. We must remain that bridge for the Palestinians to rise over troubled waters.

There are more places than I can name where water is an issue: water is inadequate, been diverted, contaminated or all of the above. These are the places that call for us to become bridges and lay ourselves down.  If you do, you will find me right behind.



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