My favorite year

That’s a trick phrase because I believe your favorite year should be the one you are living. And that it does not help to try and run back or rush forward. Our years on this planet are uniform except for the little thing that led to the extra day in February. I decided to take off tonight. I was scheduled to remain at work for another half hour but I begged off because of exhaustion. My body just ached and I could not see going to get my Thanksgiving fixings after 9:30. At times you have to give your body a break. I know I ought to be ranting about Israel and the Gaza Strip but so many others have covered that ground. Others flog the commercialization of the holiday. And if I see another take off on the Pilgrims and the Native Americans they discovered living in this land I am going to scream. The only thing that is left is my unique experience. My personal job about doing much better this year than I had expected. I am in a very popular profession. While it won’t pay anything like good manufacturing jobs, I was not the type of person cut out to make things.

I talk to people. For hours on end, we talk with them and we record what they say. “Joe said blankety blank blank today. ” Yes, I had never heard him say that before. Was it the recent medication change? What do you think? How long has he been on it? I am on the fringes of existence. I talk with people even while they are in a storm of medication seas, side effects, disruptions and denials by pharmacies, insurance companies, families, and even the persons with whom I am conversing. We are all in this cosmic storm.

I see a person who presents one way but entirely differently to the case manager. There is an endless cycle of dolling out small amounts of money. Are there alternatives to this system? Are there rational choices available? How do people do outside of it? What we we want a person to achieve to be able to graduate from it?

I believe that I want people to stop being patients and to become citizens, conscious thinking beings. Do I see that in anyone I have assisted? Does anyone know what I’m talking about?


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