Perhaps, a tad more serious

I still have my inner weirdo but I am thinking that the causes I support need a little more seriousness than I have been projecting. So I think my devoted reader will find a slight change in tone. But yes I am so sick of American elections. Especially when a lot of turds want to keep up the gridlock even after. “Obama has no mandate to raise taxes” says the losing vice presidential candidate. By the way, Boy Ryan you could not even carry Wisconsin and Mitt got blown out of Massachusetts.

I also noticed that the fool who had responded to my message about Sandy Pasch went back to grammar school. Yes, I’m talking to you. Sandy Pasch, newly re-elected, is a leader in the Democratic Assembly Caucus and your friend Helen is not.

It’s not going to be anything nice these next four years but I am ready, willing and able.



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