Wellness days to come

  1. Smiling looking at 401 k statement.
  2. A day with friends and family where where no one talks of diagnosis, symptoms or illness.
  3. A day spent blissfully full of romantic embraces.
  4. Sitting at a table with a successful graduate of our program.
  5. Reading about the next generation of peer specialists long after I have retired.
  6. Seeing my great niece Grace at a graduation (you pick the one).
  7. Getting a check up 10 years from now and finding no trace of diabetes.
  8. Going out to hear music and finding the singer looks strangely familiar. She’s another graduate of our program.
  9. Knowing as my final days approached that I had no regrets about the decisions I had made.
  10. Doing something that I promised myself I would do by the time I reached 30 that I have yet to achieve.

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