Next step: remove the trigger

Ever since I developed my WRAP, it has included that I am triggered by my financial situation. I have struggled through low wages, high expectations and hopes for something better. I have committed almost every financial sin under the sun. And still I rise.

Now I am on the road to financial recovery and removing that trigger from my life. It takes a long time to be brutally honest with ourselves about what we have been doing. A lot of energy can be expended denying or saying that mental illness does not exist. We can stamp our feet that we refuse diagnosis but it won’t repair the relationships we have destroyed by our actions or failure to act.

We can pass off as harmless our angry outbursts when we have been triggered. We can blame it on something completely unrelated to the real cause. But only we can understand what is triggering us and do something about the situation. I have made important decisions that I can trust are the right ones concerning my financial future and in a while I will bear the fruits of my labor.

Now my question is, how are my readers going to work on their real triggers?


One thought on “Next step: remove the trigger

  1. Hi Kenyatta,
    I like your mention of WRAP ( Wellness Recovery Action Planning). I use it too. I’ve got triggers and action plans for dealing with them, but my real challenge is with warning signs (internal signs I’m becoming unwell). Anxiety is a big one for me. I’m always adding to my action plans for managing that one. I get a lot of ideas from self help books and incorporate them into my WRAP. Renea


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