This Christmas


I am thinking ahead a few weeks plan an enjoyable holiday with my family. This is the first year I have worked full time and I have made a lot of positive changes. I expect to begin working a second, part time position, as well. I will need to combine vacation and holiday time I am thinking about making arrangements for someone to feed my cat while I am out of town. I will leave the car parked on the lot and take the bus to the airport. And I will need to check on the return time this year. I didn’t last year and ended up on an AM flight that bothered my sister who drove me to the airport.

I will bring a camera with me this time around. This is the most financially optimistic I have been I have been in a long time. I think about the polls that measure consumers’ sense of the economy and I think my optimism stems from the changes that were made in my field of peer support locally and nationally. Passing the certification test at a time when new better paying positions were being created was very important. I studied my little brown bones off to make sure I got that credential and in terms of return on investment, the $50 I spent has more than paid off. I know I don’t sign my name on a piece of paper as a peer specialist for less than a certain amount of money so I don’t feel I have to prove my worth.

I am excited knowing that the VA will be hiring vets like me to assist because I wanted to have the opportunity to consider whether I wanted to work for the feds. They might be a great place to retire from. And I might want to look for a job with the VA back in my old hometown so that I can spend my sister’s and mother’s last years near them.

So because I invested in me, I am in a better spot than last Christmas. And I expect next year to be even better.



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