How did people morph into brands?


When I was growing up, it was pretty easy to figure out what were brand: there was Cheerios, Corn Flakes, Thunderbird and Pontiac, all things that people had made and they were marketed and competed against one another. Now one of the buzzwords is branding and people are told to protect their brands. When rich people make gaffes, such as cheating on their spouses, getting arrested or creating other embarrassing scenes, some pundit will be asked whether the person’s brand has been damaged?  When did people become products? I must have missed that memo. When my mother spanked me in 1962, did she damage my brand? I admit that was a while ago, but it is on my mind, now that you ask me.

I drew the line recently when my cat started musing about whether she had damaged her brand by remaining my pet all these years. I told her she had too much time on her hands and she agreed and ordered a pizza. It helps to be understanding. Brands, sheesh!



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