Intro or extro?

I obviously never gave this idea much thought when I was younger but I am obviously intro. When I went on the staff retreat shortly after being hired in June, I spent a lot of time off the beaten path. I wandered by myself creating a road never explored. I think of this today after hearing a TED talk about introverts about a new book on the subject. The book criticizes some techniques such as brainstorming as counterproductive.  As I reflect I doubt that I thought about the personality of potential girl friends and as a result ended up becoming involved with women who were much more extroverted than me.

I get all the extroversion I need at work talking with people about the things on their minds. Concerns that might have troubled them for years. Visions of recovery that they never explored. Hopes about work, play, education or simple enjoyment that they never explored. If I had someone living with me, she would have be content with talking 4 to 5 hours per day. And no burping.

I’m not anti social, I just don’t need a lot of external stimulation, thank you. I began reading the book, Quiet: the Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking, after borrowing it from my new introverted companion. The book makes a strong case for the power of introversion to spur creativity. I feel somewhat strange saying this because our agency is very committed to the team approach. We have team building exercises like one we completed this week about storytelling.

We are also doing Secret Santa which I deliberately subverted by somehow losing the name of the person to whom I was supposed to be giving a gift. It boiled down to one of two people so I decided it was better to give both of them gifts. I asked what they wanted and went out and got them. I did something similar last year.

I do a lot of my best work alone. I sit down and think about what happened and come up with solutions and them implement them. It did not spend a lot of time worrying about the new ACT model we are implementing.  What I did was focus on the people I am assisting and how I impact their lives.


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