It’s like meeting an old friend again


Today I had the joy of checking my blog and seeing the notification light was turned on. I had written something yesterday about what would recovery look like. When I clicked in I found that Peerwork, which is a blog from Vancouver, Canada, had commented. I was thoroughly delighted because the Peerwork blog is like a friend you could sit down and eat a blueberry muffin while talking with. I went to Peerwork and found a guest blog from a black man who was talking about having insight into his recovery. I immediately reblogged it onto my site.

Corinna West is another favorite visitor. She does peer work in Kansas City and married a man she met on a bicycle. I thought, how cool is that? So I encouraged some of the people I assist to get bikes. They’re excited about the idea and I am hoping that one person will able to get one from a bike shop run by teenagers. Not by going down to one of the chain stores. It’s the whole think globally, act locally idea.

And then finally another favorite visitor is Jan Wilberg, a local and very prolific blogger who sometimes reposts my blog on facebook. I visit her several times and unlike the others that I’ve mentioned I know her in real life outside of the computers.

I have read about bloggers who made a point of actually meeting fellow writers. The two I would most like meet are Peerwork and Corinna. But until then I await our next blueberry muffin session.



3 thoughts on “It’s like meeting an old friend again

  1. What a nice entry Kenyatta. It was like coming home to find a blueberry muffin waiting for me on the table. I quite enjoy your blog. Maybe one day we will meet. And thank you for the repost. I think the author, Zerome Seyoum will be pleased. Renea


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