Further proof that I am not the other guy

For about 3 yeras I have been used to reading an insightful blog about mental health and occasionally things collected from other blogs. It was fairly recently that I was told I was supposedly the author of this blog. I am not nearly as witty or interesting as this guy all these people have been reading. I mean that story about My mother was not the help was very moving and I wondered how my mother would have reacted if I had written something like that about her.

I tried everything I knew today to try and convince a young man I have been assisting to try and start writing again. Even 50 words would be okay. Once you just get to the keyboard, some random thoughts will creep in. A young man I knew as a teen is now married. It seems like I just met him a minute ago. I asked today, what motivates you. I had said that earlier in my life I was motivated by the 1968 Democratic Convention. Now I think more about the time I was living in a so-called recovery house with mice scurrying about. I remember thinking I would not survive that experience but the people who were living there with me gave me hope. And so it’s my memory of being so close to the bottom that motivates me. But then that would discount the feeling I receive every day that I am making a difference in the lives of people across Milwaukee. And finally my mother told me that time is not promised, so the time is now to make my mark upon this earth. Whatever I want to accomplish needs to be done now. Because for whatever reason, I may not be here tomorrow.

So I may not be the one who poured out those wonderful insights but something tells me, he’s not far away.


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