Believing in god is a lot like having a diagnosis

I  know that based upon the title of this blog some people will be turned off. How could I possibly connect having a higher power with having a mental diagnosis? How could anyone not believe in a higher power? I had a wonderful  talk last night with a friend of a friend who  called me during the storm. We seemed to have a lot of common  interests like jazz, plays and being involved in the community.

We were both divorced  and enjoyed one another’s conversation. So I decided to call her tonight and  unfortunately the conversation went into that dark alley of religiosity that I always avoid. And it died there. I talked with the friend who had referred her to me and found the same problem. It seems that I landed on the wrong planet and there were all these religiously oriented black women wanting to talk with me about their beliefs. Give me a break.

I don’ t care what Jesus did or didn’t do.  I don’t care what the psychiatrist decided about you after a few weeks. I care about recovery. Some people find spirituality helpful in their recovery and some ministries reach out to people in recovery.  I tend to focus on the things that people do, not their professed beliefs. I was  getting on the bus at 27th and Center yesterday with two young women:  a white girl with very short shorts probably a high school student and then a black woman modestly dressed.  Nothing unusual so far. As we stood aside to let the departing passengers off the bus, I noticed an old black man eying the white girl. And I told him that he was old enough to be her great grandfather in order to shame him. The black girl had a laugh.

That goes under the category of treating   people the way we would wish to be treated. We have much more in common than our differences in religion would make you think. We need women to feel safe traveling the streets free from harassment. We need men to act their age and to stop trying to pick up random women on the street. We need to see people as friends not as church members and non church members. We are all part of the community


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