How is that working for you?

I had a girl friend whose favorite phrase was, how’s that working for you. I know this sounds like something out of a tv show but she wold tell me stories about her psychiatrist or her brother asking her that question. So I’m sitting at the computer after a lot of thought (yeah, right!) and I’m thinking about what Bonnie said. How is that working for you?

What I’ve been doing this year has been working for me as I transition in my role as a peer support specialist. Every day I am doing something new so I have learned to say, I don’t know something, can you help me with this? I’m finding new resources and engaging different people  and that feels positive. The heat and humidity are oppressive. The heat index is well over 100 so that is taking a toll on me. I lost track of Bonnie before I moved out of our old apartment. But the cat seems to be enjoying herself and I’m comfortable  and more people than ever are reading my blog. So something is going right.

Hah, I notice that all the suggested links for this entry are about the weather, which is not the subject of this entry. This is about resilience, and how do we know whether the decision we make are the right ones. I look at where I was at this time last year and I am impressed by the progress that I’ve made. And I don’t  have any of the negatives that were in my life. I threw out a lot of them when I moved earlier this year. And my mind creates new, more pleasant memories to replace them. That’s what happens when you keep trying, just one more day.


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