Weekends are quiet these days

We are sweltering through the hottest summer on record in the hottest year on record. Various candidates are seeking votes for the August primaries, as my state representative and state senator both need to be replaced. My US senator also is retiring. But this is the least I have been involved in electoral politics since I was in the military. I’ve been enduring these long election cycles for many years and I am already sick of the current one. I plan to vote for president Obama again but without some of the enthusiasm I had last time.

Hope and change has become reality and cynicism. Some Egyptian kidnapped an American minister making a pilgrimage and I just think the president needs to blow up the guy. In the 60’s, when I was involved with elections, it seemed that ideas were much more important to the process. Now, it is all about raising as much money as you can and who’s ahead in the polls. I’m  certain that others are as sick of this way of elections. I don’t know who to blame more for this mess, the Supreme Court with its Citizens United decision or those who keep trying to buy our elections or the politicians who hope someone will  will buy their votes.


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