All we did was talk

It was a long, satisfying day at work,meeting a lot of consumers, some for the first time. There was one guy especially who I became interested in. He had been traumatized,felt hurt, abandoned and vulnerable. I’d like to be able to tell you I did something profound to help in some life changing way. But all I did was talk. We talked about having goals in life but really we focused on what Maslow recommended. We needed to focus on his feeling secure.

He has problems in life, like a lot of people. We have so many people who are living on the street and sometimes there are people who feel unsafe where they are living so they show up at the shelter system asking for assistance. But at least for tonight we have a young man who talked with peer support. It was a team effort. His case manager, his peer specialist and the universe and together we helped keep him safe.  The take away from this is just be fascinating and good things will happen.

One thought on “All we did was talk

  1. you never know what the cause and effect from your converstation and being there for the individual. be yourself and caring…


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