Certified peer specialist, blogger, spaceship captain and cowboy poet

mental health week
mental health week (Photo credit: meerar)

Today was a day of firsts: my first door sign and my first solo home visit. While I was having lunch, I became inspired. This is often a mistake. I had been reading some mental health  blog earlier in the day.Alice F. Pauser, CPS, NCWF, the WI Peer Specialist Program Coordinator sent me a link to something from Magellan which does a lot of peer support training. I found a powerpoint presentation that included 8 Dimensions of Wellness so I printed a copy and showed it to one of my consumers. It was perfect because it gave me a useful framework to for my recovery coaching. I was on a roll.

I also found a wonderful quote: the day is full of unexplored opportunities cleverly disguised  as disasters. And so I decided to create my own door sign explaining to everyone the spelling of my name and my position. The title of this blog is what I posted, and just below I included the 8 dimensions. I may not have a card to give you just yet but I’ve got a title. Who can beat that?

These are the various areas and you can apply them as you see fit. Financial may mean different things to different people. Some people like to work and get a lot of fulfillment from doing so. But not everyone may be interested in working as many hours as me, or their level of wellness does not include employment at this time.

Intellectual simply means your mind and the extent you direct your thoughts. You may think you are the Queen of Sheba, for all I know. At the same time, not everyone has the same ability to to socialize. I suggest you consider this wheel of wellness and see whether it makes sense to you and change it if you like because no one has a copyright on recovery. Not even a spaceship captain like me.


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