Independence day

We are scorching our way our way through a hot dry summer with little relief in sight. I’m excited that next week brings my first holiday on the new job. I’m busily rolling up all kinds of firsts these days. First staff retreat, first pay day, first paid training and now my first national day off. My landlord has a couple of grills in the basement that he said I could use. So I am hoping that a friend will stop by. I have indoor and outdoor grills. What is great about this holiday is that apart from shortening the work week (hurrah!) it comes just before pay day. I get to have fun, relax and thrill to the wonders of direct deposit as my pay waits to post to my account.   It’s good to take a break from all that strife too as we contemplate the Supreme court decision to be announced later today regarding the health care law.

I’m hoping to be able to buy health insurance at an affordable rate from a new health care cooperative a few years from now.  I will be declaring my independence from per-existing conditions at that time.   We need to declare our independence from big money stealing our elections. We need to declare our independence from war and discrimination. That’s the kind of independence day we really deserve.


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