Don’t be calling me from the jail

When my cat interviewed me about being allowed to pet her a few years ago, one of the things she asked about was my infamous temper. Apparently I had quite a reputation for what the animals called manic behavior. Some diagnosticians, these local cats, eh?Apparently the odds were stacked in her favor. Despite evidence that dogs and other animals exhibit inappropriate and aggressive behavior,  only human beings end up in mental hospitals and jails for acting that way.  She wanted me to talk things over with her before acting on my impulses.

I must say I was thinking about my talk with my cat as I spoke with a friend who was having difficulties with her boy friend. I didn’t want to hear that they had started boxing over cigarettes, sodas or money like a lot of our 2 legged friends. We are also the only species that doesn’t exercise impulse control. That dog that bit the mailman,he knew exactly what was going to happen, but he was a sociopath. In other words, the dog was acting like a man who didn’t care what happened.

So before you go upside somebody’s head, talk it over with your cat or a good friend or somebody who is paid to listen. And don’t be expecting my cat to come bail you out if you get your ass in a sling.


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