The UK’s NHS is under treating Mental Illness!

Mental Health Writers' Guild

Being as some of our members are from the UK, I thought this article would e of particular interest to them but might also interest our other members also.

It was published on NHS Choices (website for the UK’s National Health Service) and as a result of an article published in the Independent newspaper and a report by the BBC.

The Independent newspaper stated that…

“The NHS is failing mental health patients,” 1

Whilst the BBC ran with…

NHS managers have been accused of “shocking discrimination” in providing mental health services. 1

Both of these came out as a result of an academic policy report on the state of mental health services in Britain.

The report found that mental illness accounts for nearly half of all ill health in people younger than 65, and that only a quarter of people in need of treatment currently get it. The report concludes…

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