Why? that’s what I want to know

I talk with  consumers who display all kinds of coping skills, including writing, eating good food and being on the Internet and I learn that today they are in crisis, making delusional statements and trying to sabotage whatever wellness they have created  and all I can say is, why? Despite all the connections that people have to food, housing, comfort and case management, why do so many people ask to be committed to mental hospitals? Mental health survivor groups and peer specialists will talk until the cows start delivering their own dairy products about how traumatizing going into the mental institution can be but that still doesn’t explain why your consumer is sleeping at the Mental Health Complex tonight. I doubt that I will feel better after you answer my first question. But I would still like to know why.

Why am I working in a community support program? Why do community support programs emphasize medications? Why can’t we receive prescriptions for herbal remedies? Why don’t more consumer have pets?

I’m like one of the pesky kids on a tv show or a commercial. Because the problem is, the questions only begin with why.

2 thoughts on “Why? that’s what I want to know

  1. In my experience as a person with bipolar disorder who was committed four years ago, I tend to self-sabatage *because* I feel good. As soon as I feel even the slightest twinge of euphoria (which may even be mania), I think, “Well, would you look at that! I am feeling excellent; must be time to quit these meds,” as if they are antibiotics that have run their course.

    I haven’t yet been able to master good diet/exercise/sleep and other coping skills, so I can’t comment on them. 😉 As for the other questions, I’d like to know, too!


  2. I’ve never been admitted to a mental health institution, although I was offered this as a choice a couple of times. I said no because I had heard horror stories from friends who had been admitted. Also I was told honestly from mental health professionals what it would be like and what other kinds of people would be in there. I was advised that it was not the right place for someone who was in emotional distress. I feel like my decision was based on having all the facts at my disposal, but also I had options such as people to stay with and the mental health crisis team, who come to your house every day until you have passed through the worst stage. I wonder if people who are admitted just don’t have this outside support or realise what happens in these places? Or how it would make their own illness worse? Or maybe they just feel completely unable to cope and don’t know how to handle that. When people feel that bad it can seem the easiest option. I’ve certainly felt like that myself and just wanted to be somewhere that I was safe and away from all the problems in my life. I think if you are suicidal and feeling like you may act on that, a hospital admission may well save your life. But other than that I wouldn’t want to give control over my care to the system at that level.


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