Starting my new group!

I decided to suggest creating a new group that I would facilitate focusing on my interest in alternative and complimentary therapies. Everything from journaling, to exercise, to vitamins and pet therapy would be included. We can be as creative as our minds will allow us. After all, you can’t put a tuxedo on the funky blues, or so I was told.

My idea is a follow up from something I mentioned at our staff retreat in which I declared we were woefully neglecting the non-medical  aspects of recovery. I mentioned that I had switched from a prescription medication recommended by my psychiatrist to a dietary supplement that I learned about on television. It’s called deproloft and its available at a local store that educates people about self-care.  I wanted to take more responsibility for my own recovery instead of remaining a patient as I had been in the eyes of the psychiatrist. I had become frustrated last fall when I first informed him that I planned on switching over to using SAMe  and he kept telling me he thought that all the progress I had made as a peer specialist would go out the door once I switched from the drugs. My sister and mother were terrified and angry about the change.

But now, there are lives in the balance. I have moved on in my direction and have used the other coping strategies I had picked up and thanks to them,  I am better than ever. That’s the story I want to share in my new group.  Will you be there next Friday at 11?


4 thoughts on “Starting my new group!

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