Eagerly awaiting my first paycheck

This  week marks the beginning of my third week on the job and first paycheck. Although most of us who work in human services swear we’re not really in it for the money, we do look forward to those pay days as much as anyone else. Apparently the pay period runs roughly the same as with my former employer. Next week is  their pay day, too. It is in the pay stub where I will notice the difference. I will be seeing 80 hours at a much higher rate- slightly less than three dollars per hour more. And once I begin driving again I will easily be able to add close to $1 per hour through mileage reimbursement.

Then there are non-pay perks. As a non pay perk I received a deluxe appointment book the kind professionals use when you come to visit them. So much nicer than the less expensive one I had been using. And much easier than trying to key everything onto a telephone. It will be handy in keeping track of my notes.Later I will get a work telephone to use when I am out and about. That will be a money saver.

I have only been operating out of one office so far but I am expected to be in the second office which is a few miles away from where I have been setting up shop. I’m thinking that they will wait until I have my wheels before sending me over there.

All of my co-workers have those child protective seats so I have been trapped in the back seat on the times I have ridden with them.

My first task will be putting aside money for the down payment, something I expect will take up to 3 pay periods. Obviously it won’t be anything very fancy because no one with the agency is driving around in a Lexus. But it won’t be a Flintstone car with a cardboard sign substituting for  the license plate. Nor do I expect to have a bumper hanging on with a bungee cord like I endured many years ago.

These are things that are concerns from rejoining the working class. We love our paychecks and our jobs. Let the fun begin.

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