recovery network: Toronto

From TVO’sThe Agenda with Steve Paikin
Part of series: Mental Health Matters

This is an excellent panel conversation with: Dr Allen J Frances, Dr Donna Stewart , Dr Kwame McKenzie, and Historian Edward Shorter.

the pool of normal has been reduced to a puddle

Allen Frances opens with a pitch that we are already at great  risk of treating what may be fake ills with pills; questions all the attention and resources given to diagnosis when we lack the tools to treat; and suggests that we have reduced the pool of normal to a puddle and that the, fortcoming new  edition of diagnostic and statistical manual DSM5 will only accelerate and exacerbate  all of this.

treating fake ills with pills

Edward Shorter tries hard  to make his forthcoming book  sound like it has more than a catchy title but later blows completely  it when he goes “all in” and tries his hand  bit of…

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