Peer Support & On Our Way: Recovery News

Changing Directions, Changing Lives: The Mental Health Strategy for Canada was released on May 8,  2012 and is Canada’s first national mental health strategy. Until now, Canada was the only G8 country without a mental health strategy.  The Commission writes: “We believe that there now exists an historic opportunity to make a difference. It will not be easy, but the winds of change have been swirling about the mental health system for many years,” (p.3). The Commission notes that the strategy is informed by testimony from people living with mental health problems and illnesses, from family members and from service providers. It says:  “People living with mental health problems and illnesses and their family members are “experts by experience” (p.31). Yay!

Given its roots in the lived experience of thousands of people who shared their  insights,  it should not be surprising that the value of peer support is clearly recognized in the strategy. Peer Support is described as  “an essential…

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