What better time to tell your co-workers about your inter-galactic dreams?

As many of my devoted fans know I recently started working in a certified peer specialist position in Milwaukee. There appears to be a push in various parts of Wisconsin to hire certified peer specialists. Many of these positions are part time but mine is full time. Now entering my second week I am shadowing the case managers and learning about the consumers we have been assisting.

One person who I met made me think back about y reflections about wanting to join the inter-galactic police. People actively operate based upon their delusions an the question is, why do these stories have such meaning for them? At what point do people stop acting upon their delusions? If I knew, I’d probably be Governor. I chose without hesitation to send one of my new co-workers the story because it is a subversive one. I don’t believe the medication is responsible for loosening the grip that the delusions have.

Moreover, not all delusions are harmful. They can be funny, puzzling or deadly serious. Our job is to see beyond and through the delusions to find the people hiding behind. I don’t thing we’ll find Judy Garland singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow but something more meaningful. So what I hope my story will do is spark a discussion on how to harness creativity.

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