I was busy freaking out. Oh, by the way, here’s your hire letter

I’ve been working in my new position since Monday and sometimes it’s like the Army. Hurry up and wait. The first couple of days were very fast paced. I got out into the field, went to see people and started doing my notes. I spoke in staff meetings and attended a couple of groups. I started picking out consumers that I was planning to see.  But suddenly in the middle of today things kind of slowed down.

The computer started freaking out. And then I noticed everyone was gone. I started wondering what was happening. Was there a secret meeting being held where I was being fired? Oh shit. Was I in trouble due to something on the background check? Then about 15 minutes ago three of the supervisors re-appeared. With my hire letter. And I said, Kenyatta, you really need to chill out.


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