A Moment of Relief

The Oddball Mentality

The exams are over at last, and I’m proud to announce that I’m alive… just.  Perhaps my revision technique was designed – by an evil overlord somewhere, no doubt – to bring my mental and physical health to The Edge, but I’m always surprised by the exhaustion that marks the end of exams.  How is it that reading stuff and, you know, remembering it can make you so damn tired?

I suppose it’s only fair to mention that I have developed a somewhat tiring revision style; in other words, I pace around the house/uni for (usually) seven hours a day, every day, while reading aloud to myself in as many different voices as I can, and confusing passers-by with my seemingly-random hand movements in the air (which, of course, are reaction mechanisms being imprinted into my mind… obviously).

Thankfully though, as far as I can tell, it’s paid off. …

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