Why I needed a new job

I made up my mind when I visited my family last Christmas that this was the year I would get a new job. You see I have not enjoyed a paid vacation since I was married several occupations ago. Every trip out of town meant calculating the cost of air fare and the cost of taking off from work. Because of that the trips became rarer. I also was unable to attend my nephew’s wedding. A number of funerals took place without my being able to join in the grieving. But spending time with with great niece Grace this past Christmas made me fed up. It was time for a change.

I missed seeing my family and they missed me. I had deprived them of my presence far too long. That was one of three things U set out to change for this year. The other two were my housing situation and my relationship status. I was fortunate in being able to find a nice flat only a few blocks from where I had been living. As for relationships, I have dated a few times. But I decided that solving my employment problem was more important.

Employment is very important in mental health recovery but it also needs to be employment that is supportive. When I was discussing my recent move with people I was embarrassed to mention that I had absolutely no benefits. Sorry, being able to take unpaid leave is not a benefit. Benefits are supportive, they validate you and tell you that a company is investing in your well-being. They make you feel appreciated.

In a capitalist society like our, the way that employers retain workers is by offering fair wages and benefits packages. This is something that is slowly coming to peer support in Milwaukee. I hope that the pace will accelerate and wages of $8 per hour will become a thing of the past. Carpe diem.


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