#PalHunger | Palestinians, Israelis and Internationals Demonstrate in Ma’ale Adumin Settlement

Occupied Palestine | فلسطين

Monday May 14, 2012 09:45 by Heidi Williams – IMEMC & Agencies

Ma’an agency news reported that a group of demonstrators closed the main entrance to the settlement of Ma’ale Adumin on Sunday located east of the city of Jerusalem, one of the largest settlements in the West Bank.

Image Ma’an

Dozens of activists from the Popular Resistance from Ramallah, Jerusalem and Bethlehem attended the demonstration and were joined by dozens of international and Israeli activists. They arrived at the same time and moved quickly towards the main entrance of the settlement where they raised Palestinian flags and chanted slogans in support of hunger-striking prisoners. They stood in the middle of the street to block the settlers’ vehicles.

The settlers tried to attack the demonstrators, but the demonstrators continued to block the road, leading the settlers to call in the police and border guards. Large numbers arrived and attacked the…

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