Least restrictive to whom?

I just came a meeting about re-designing the mental health system in Milwaukee and much of the discussion focused on bottlenecks that keep people confined in expensive, restrictive housing. It was productive but also frustrating. We are balancing the needs of consumers, advocates, policymakers, taxpayers and many more players. I became concerned that we might spend the majority of the meeting expressing our frustrations without picking anythying as a a target that we could accomplish.

I suggested that we pick one thing on the housing front that we could do and that helped lead us in the right direction. It’s ironic because people are finding success stories in some of the things we are currently doing but not everyone would consider them successful or even desirable. But, like the book says, start anywhere. So, as information gets to the point where I can be more public, I will revisit this topic. I am interested in knowing what people think about this issue, so feel free to comment. What would you like to see in housing that would improve the lives of people with a mental illness in Milwaukee?


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