I’m so proud of being loved by you

With the title of this post I am of course dating myself, which is okay. When guys see me on the street, they say, hey, old school. The hipper ones just said school. One guy said Fred, as in Frederick Douglass.

So you know from that introduction I am from the baby boomers generation. In my mind I am listening to a song by The Impressions “I’m so proud of being loved by you.” There ‘s a line “compliments to you from all the people we meet” that resonates with me. I think of this as I write about a young couple: Diana Vang and Jonathan Brostoff. I met him when he was a student at UWM involved in something called compa that included some Catholic worker activists. We worked on issues of social injustice such as the mistreatment of workers on tomato plantations whose food was used by Taco Bell.

Jonathan was a great guy and well-liked. So I was not surprised to learn he had snagged a nice woman like Diana. I met her when I attended the UWM Helen Bader School of Social Welfare.  She’s religious, smart, interesting, devoted to the community and wants to make a difference. I can see the two of them being great parents years from now. A lot of very positive traits. So when I talk with peers about relationships, I sometimes throw in things about being proud of the person who loves you. Are you proud knowing that your girl friend is the person that she is? Do you think how lucky you are to have met that man who you hold in your arms? Are the values you hold most dear reinforced when your sweetheart leaves to go to work?

If not, what’s wrong with that picture? Are you proud of being loved?


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