Women in recovery are so attractive

At the Empowerment Days in Madison there were women of all types including women I had known before and liked. Here I had just had my birthday and a disastrous  short relationship. Shouldn’t it be time to think about finding someone new? Who would understand me more than another woman in the same boat as me? We were talking and learning about ourselves and the struggles we faced.

And you know what? It didn’t happen because I never wanted to go there. In that three day struggle together for recovery I never asked one of them about going out together. However one of the most difficult struggles I have witnessed is people in recovery seeking relationships.

Recovery from anything. Mental health issues, alcohol, homelessness or even generic broken-ness. Everybody is recovering from something. At Grassroots Empowerment, you have the opportunity to recover from all of them.

I actually spoke with a young woman and an older man who were problems with one another. I decided that the problem was fairly basic: they didn’t like each other.  I didn’t like him, either. Since she was just barely older  than my great nieces and my great nephew, I decided I would listen before uttering the magic words: “you people don’t like each other.” Yes, it really is okay not to like other people, even co-workers. Because we’re all very different.

I told the woman I rode to Empowerment Days with “it’s not you, its me.”  I sounded like a character on “Seinfeld.” She was a Republican from Waukesha, for crying out loud. I am a Milwaukee oddball.

I’ve seen people pursue one another while risking everything. I know because I was once one of them. Today is a new day but I still see people behaving in their old ways. Like the song said, “when will they ever learn?” Wouldn’t it be wonderful to fight for a new life beyond what we are experiencing with the same or even greater determination that we use in going after relationships?


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