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“The secret emails you weren’t suposed to see”

BBC Panorama – report May 2011…

“The paper trail that reveals how the results of drug trials were glossed over to cover up a link with suicide in teens. Now Glaxo Smith Kline faces trial for fraud.

“When you take your child to the doctor you assume that the medicine they are prescribed is safe and will help them get better.

If your teenager is depressed you certainly don’t expect that the drug they are given can make them want to kill themselves.

But we’ve uncovered the story of how one company tried to hide the fact that it’s medicine did exactly that.”

Glaxo Smith Kline is the fourth largest pharmaceutical company in the world and paroxetine – known as “Paxil”  in N America and  “Seroxat” in UK  – is the biggest selling psychiatric medication  in the world – a “blockbuster”…

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