Local oddball gets networked. Police investigation to follow

Last week, out of the blue, someone I used to work with called up and and started talking with me. I had not spoken with her in about two months. Not since I had hugged her and said I would miss her. This is a woman about whom I have complex feelings. When we met, a few years ago, I tried to ignore her. I would try to arrive when I knew she would be gone.

That was pretty successful for a while except for the occasional staff meeting. Unfortunately, I found that was not a permanent solution. We continued working together and I found that I had to talk with her. This led to actually getting along together despite constant interference from my other personalities.

Suddenly one day I found that I liked her. Well, wouldn’t you know, that would be the day I accidentally found out she was moving on to a better job. I gave her a copy of Bruce Springsteen‘s song “if I fall behind, wait for me” the last time I saw her. And went on with life. So, of course, as I’m minding my own business last week here this woman calls to talk about how things have been going. Having just written the blog entry about being told not to keep in touch, I mentioned that my supervisor had placed a restraining order against me. That made her worried. Was I wacko? Did I need a med change?

It wasn’t until somewhere around the 10 minute mark of our conversation that I realized she had called to find out whether I might be someone to work with again in the new opportunities being created for certified peer specialists. I ended up trying to get her to come to Madison for Empowerment Days next weekend.

I must be nuts. I don’t understand how I don’t recognize the signs of being networked. I’ve been in a tizzy the last 48 hours. Even the cat told me to chill out. She called the police as part of her wellness plan. If I get networked again in Madison I may not survive the experience. Readers, BTW, this is the point in the blog where you wonder how you could possibly be spending your youth reading about some local oddball in Milwaukee. I have to admit, I have the same problem with our relationship. Let’s try not to keep in touch. Thanks for listening.

The Oddball Couple
The Oddball Couple (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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