All day and all of the night

Kinks-Size (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All day and all of the night. I looked on the coffeehouse calendar this week and saw an intriguing event featuring songs The Who and The Kinks, two seminal groups from my youth. I decided this could work as a night of cheap entertainment and fun.

He’s a well respected man about town doing the best things so conservatively.” At least until he met Lola.

And why not? I had a disappointment in my brief romantic fling but that didn’t mean I couldn’t enjoy my own company. It helped that I was being treated to an amazing blend of guitars, banjos and voices. I recognized a few faces although sometimes it’s good to go where  everyone doesn’t know your name.

Tomorrow will be the second level of friendship which is witnessing. My neighbor needs a group to witness his living will. In return for my presence he will take me to the YMCA for my exercise.

Then it’s off to work and spreading the word about the Wellness Recovery Action Plan. What a wonderful mix: acoustic music, a gathering of voices, the marking of life’s transitions, encouraging resilience and a lot of good old fashioned sweat. Like the Chairman of the Board Frank Sinatra said, that’s life.

A photo of the Kast Off Kinks. From left: John...
A photo of the Kast Off Kinks. From left: John Gosling, John Dalton, Mick Avory, Dave Clark. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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