#213 : Am I weirding everyone out by not being gay?

Captain Awkward

I’m happy to say that this is my most pressing question about sex ‘n’
relationships ‘n’ stuff right now.  The short version is that a lot of
people who don’t know me that well aren’t sure whether I’m lesbian,
straight, or somewhere in between.  I’m sure where I am (straight) but
I also like the protective shield that uncertainty gives me against
unwanted (male) advances. (The unwanted female advances are rare and
flattering.) But now I’m wondering if this is kind of a shitty thing
to do, knowingly allowing people to draw the wrong conclusion instead
of being honest about who I am, just so I can avoid a few passes.  I
also worry that I am missing out on all the guys who don’t want to be
so gauche as to hit on someone who might be a lesbian.


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