I am officially non-compliant

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Today I met with my psychiatrist for the first time since I stopped taking the anti-depressant and the mood stabilizer he had prescribed for me. In a radical break for freedom I decided that the blah listless feelings I was experiencing meant that the medications were not working. I wrote about my experiences on this blog, including my discovery of the food supplement SAMe. My family and my supervisor at work were skeptical but gradually they have accepted the changes I have made.

Now it will be up to the mental health professionals who are part of my care team to understand that the person they knew as a patient has begun taking charge of his own recovery. I encourage my peers to become much more active in advocating for themselves instead of following instructions like sheep. Is it really working, how does it make you feel and what is your quality of life are the kinds of questions I tell people they need to ask.

As a safety precaution I told the psychiatrist that if I felt uncomfortable symptoms re-appearing I would consider taking the medications once more. I think that if the case managers I see every day realized that the pleasant and helpful peer specialiast with whom they just conversed was a radical in taking charge of his life, they would be scandalized. I hope one day that they will be pleased.

Choices, for one and all.

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One thought on “I am officially non-compliant

  1. I’m right there with you! I’ve also been taking SAM-e for over a week now and I feel like a cloud has lifted. Glad to find you here.


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