Murder, Most Foul: Who Killed Nick Christie?

This morning I saw a picture of a body,  that of Nick Christie, bright orange after being pepper sprayed, stripped of  his dignity, denied medication, kept in restraints until his body gave out. The story by reporter Radley Balko in the  Huffington Post noted that Nick Christie’s wife of 40 years, Joyce Christie, had contacted police before he left on his trip. She told them that he was 62, suffered from several problem including emphysema and was having a mental breakdown.

She wanted them to arrest him and get him the help that he needed. They arrested him, all right, but the pattern and practice in the Lee County Jail all contributed to a massive assault that Nick Christie could not survive.  These included being placed in restraints, sprayed while being restrained and kept in the massive soup of pepper spray for several hours. While Joyce Christie was at the jail, her husband was being killed.

Is it any wonder that outrage and shock have risen as the news of Nick Christie’s murder has spread? The State’s Attorneyhas found no fault with the investigation into the case. Now the only remedy for Nick and Joyce Christie is for the Obama Administration and Attorney General Eric Holder to launch an immediate investigation into civil rights violations. Radley Palko’s article in the Huffington Post noted that there have been other instances of improper spraying and use of restraints on prisoners, many of whom were mentally ill.

We must stop the murder of prisoners by those who are sworn to uphold the law.  We must seek justice. It is now for President Obama to repay the faith that the American people displayed when they elected him based upon his call for hope and change. The change that we need is to uphold basic human rights.  I recommend checking the links to articles I have included in this blog and help spread the news.

More than a year after the murder of Nick Christie, I noticed that the blog post I wrote about his case had found one viewer last week. So I decided to find out whether there were any more developments. On February 17, I have found that there was a settlement in the family’s lawsuit. The Huffington Post article about the case pointed out other examples of unnecessary force. The money to be paid from the settlement will come from the taxpayers not the brutal officers. It will provide some source of comfort for Christie’s family but it wont ensure that another foul murder will not take place. Here is a link to the story. Let us fight to ensure equal justice under the law includes peop[le like Nick Christie.

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