Next Year’s Theme: Celebrate Me Home

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Today I listened to the Kenny Loggins song Celebrate Me Home There were two different versions: I provided a link to the one showing soldiers of many different backgrounds re-uniting with their families. The other version shows people making hearts and speaking of love.

They were equally moving. I would like next year to be a celebration of home, a place where I can return to at the end of the day and feel revived. Maybe it means a housing cooperative with like minded people. In my unit will be a cat who puts her arms around me and says, you’re so wonderful. I’m so hungry Kenyatta. Home is a place to feel welcomed not tolerated. Home is often a place we help build through  our commitment to one another, our sense of purpose, our joy at  being together.

It contains a feeling of accomplishment, and safety. It is a place of recovery. Having climbed out of the depths to much I had fallen, I will be able to stand around and feel proud. I don’t have, nor do I want any gold.

I want love, peace, friendship, happiness and renewal. The person I will be will help the person I was shake off those lonesome blues. This reminds me of the MATC slogan: Smart is focused. My blog message about change was much longer. The distance between home and me will be much shorter.

Wow, since I wrote those words last fall, a lot has changed. I moved, although not into a housing cooperative, but a wonderful three bedroom flat.  I started a relationship, which is new and fragile but already provides rewards in terms of companionship. I have a renewed sense of optimism about my life and hope for the future. I am becoming the person who I said I wanted to become when I began my recovery.