Octo More Babies Than Anyone Can Take Care of

In high school I had a relationship with a sweet poetic woman named Kathleen. Unfortunately I also had a tendency to be all or nothing in my relationships. I would love you one day and want someone else the next. In other words I was a typical hormonal driven kid. My  mother had warned me against getting girls pregnant. Given the state of girdles in those days it  would have been difficult not to follow her advice.

After high school I saw Kathleen one day and she was visibly pregnant.  was devastated and said something about her ending up on welfare. Fast forward to the story of the so-called octomom.  Nadya Suleman was a young American woman with few skills who decided that having had 6 children and no husband she would have a  lot more children. The only other thing she had going for her was a resemblance to a movie star. Better living through plastic surgery.

More children turned out to be eight and 15 minutes of fame.  Never mind that there were wars (which are still going on, by the way), innocent people on death row, and crazy people trying to turn America into some kind of theocracy (yes they’re still at it!) octomom was big news. I was in a class at a local community college taught by an instructor who devoted several minutes of each session to updating us about the octomom. How do you know you’re in a bullshit class? Your teacher shows you videos about current events that have nothing to do with your subject, or anything else.

Fast forward to today where yahoo is presenting information about the plight of Ms. Octomom  who had bought a huge house for herself and all those kids, the house has holes punched in it but she has to move fast because the bank is going to foreclose on her. Will Child Protective Services be far behind?

How do these things work out? I found Kathleen through Classmates.com and learned she had struggled, had 6 kids in all but graduated from college. For the woman with the overactive womb, the sky is the limit. Any clinic that considers working with her as a client should lose its license immediately. Children are not playthings but human beings who deserve to be brought up in an environment surrounded by emotionally mature adults. Not people who are trying to fill voids in their own lives.

I hope the octomom never has another child and I hope her present children end up in foster care. Just because it is possible to impregnate a woman man times over does not mean it should be done. Nadya, stop in the name of love.


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