Is there an alternative?

Years ago there was what was called a socialist bloc of countries in eastern Europe, Asia and the Caribbean. Most of those countries have now embraced capitalism. And of course, the Soviet Union disappeared altogether. It’s depressing to hear Cuban leaders talk of their economy being a basket case. I think of this because of a brief exchange I had on Facebook this week regarding the Libyan revolution. I support the right of the Libyan people to change their leaders and to overthrow  the government of Muammar Ghadaffi. Over 40 years in power is far too long for anyone.

Tonight I heard one of the leaders of the revolutionary council talking about Libyan needs including technology. At the same time the country will have access to over $100 billion in assets that will be unfrozen from accounts around the world to assist in this effort. Libya has already established markets for its oil. Italy, France, Great Britain, Germany, China and other countries have contracts to buy their oil. The US buys a tiny amount of its oil from Libya. This situation is expected to continue. At this point we have an imperialist dominated world and even the few nominally socialist countries are allowing more and more capitalist enterprises.

The question is whether the capitalists will absorb Libya. But the model of faux Pan Africanism that Ghadaffi used as his justification for clinging to power does not work. It is time for a new generation of Libyans to direct their country’s fate. Let us hope that the use the resources of their nation wisely.

A year later, things still remain in flux. Revolutions take time to transition to a functioning government. Will the trains run on time under the new government?


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