Some blogs keep growing!

Occasionally I find new information and add this to my original blog entry. For instance weiner friends will be happy to find that a an account of the unfortunately named congressman has surfaced on the internet. This time it seems his Facebook account (which was later closed) was sending nasty messages to a woman. Was this account hacked, too? If so, why did the messages go on for some time? I know that if I was a professional politician, a federal employee in Washington, no less, I would hire an expert like one of my nephews to protect it my account. And yes, a couple of my nephews are computer protection experts.  It seems that weiner is now in hot water.

On a somewhere more serious (God, I hope not) note I have seen that the power of Walkerville has grown. If you have songs from the protests, post them on the Internet and I will link to them. From weiners to walker, the blog must go on!

Indeed, in just a few short days, weiner was roasted and walker is being recalled. How will I ever keep up with all these events?

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